Turning Trash to Treasure

Give your quality used and unused items a new lease of life and make money in the process

Nexchange was specifically engineered to deliver confidentiality and amazing ease for you when selling and buying goods online.


Key SERVICE features include:

  • Item sold from the comfort of your home/ office – simply snap, video and load the item to our platform

  • Sellers and Buyers have total confidentiality – No E mails, No Phone calls, No Disturbance – NeXchange protects your interest

  • Negotiate the price of an item

  • Item bought from the comfort of your home/office – simply search, select and pay for the item on our platform


“ then experience SERVICE as it should be DELIVERED”

We will collect and deliver your purchased item to you at a location of your choice – Saving you time and the hassle of arranging transportation.

Delivery could be to your home, office or one of our numerous Exchange Points all over town – simply choose what is convenient for you.


We can also arrange the following for you:

1. A Technical Inspection of an Item before you purchase

     (Our report may support your negotiation of a better price with the seller)

2. Installation – We will arrange for the professional installation of your purchased item


Do watch our video for further information

We will differentiate ourselves through QUALITY

– We aim to provide Our Services to only people with integrity – the kind of person you would wish to interact with



We will:

  • champion the redefining of TRUST in business transactions

  • continue to strive to understand what you want from a service provider

  • create innovative services that you need and will thrill you with our offering

  • stand up and own up when we get it wrong

  • make you proud that we are your partner